Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I apply?

You can apply personally, send us your resume by email or submit an online application.

2.) What are the requirements in applying for a job in Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation?

You need to submit an updated resume with detailed job description with recent 2 x 2 photo and register to attend our free orientation.

3.) What happens after I apply?

If qualified for the position you are applying, a representative from Horizon Recruitment will contact you for assessment and initial interview.

4.) Is there a placement fee, processing or recruitment fee to be paid?

None, we do not charge placement fee or recruitment fees for employment to the United States and Canada.

5.) What kind of Visa will be issued if I get hired?

For United States, you will be issued an Employment Based Immigrant Visa or an H1B visas. For Canada, you will be issued a Work Visa.

6.) Will I be required to sign a contract?

You will be required to sign a contract stating that you accept the job offer of full time employment and that you will work for your sponsoring employer for the period of the contract.

7.) Who will pay for the Airfare?

Your employer is responsible for paying the cost of the ticket from Manila to the United States or Canada. Employer will assist in arranging housing accommodation

8.) What are the positions you are hiring?

We hire health care professionals and hospitality workers. Please check our Home page for job vacancies.

9.) Is experience required before a nurse can be accepted in your company?

Yes, at least one (1) year on-going experience in a tertiary hospital preferably in specialty areas such as Adult care, Telemetry, Emergency, ICU, OR units.

10. Will my hospital experience in school be counted (credited) or should it be strictly hospital experience?

Hospital experience is considered only after if it is gained after formal schooling.

11.) What if I have been away from the industry for a while?

It is up to employers to determine what the allowable period is. But generally, you should not exceed two years.

12.) How much do workers get paid?

Foreign Workers are paid the prevailing wages on their assigned location.

13.) If I am successful in getting a job offer from a Canadian Employer, am I guaranteed a work visa?

If Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation is successful in obtaining a job offer for you, you must apply to the Canadian Embassy for approval to work in Canada. The decision to grant a visa rests entirely with the Canadian Embassy. Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation does not have influence over the visa granting process.

14.) How long is the processing time for a Canadian Work Visa?

Once you get hired, it usually takes 10 – 12 months for processing. This will depend on completing necessary documents needed.

15.) After my contract is completed can I stay in Canada?

You will be granted a work visa by the Canadian embassy. After completion of your contract in Canada the terms of the work visa require you to return to the Philippines

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