Canadian Certification Programs

HRPC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre, Inc and its foreign partner, Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. (RSI), are proud to announce that they are approved by the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) to conduct review classes for housekeepers and food and beverage workers in the Philippines. The hospitality certification program prepares hospitality workers to work in a hotel and restaurant setting by evaluating the workers according to Canadian Standards. The certification programs consist of:

  • Classroom study;
  • AHLA online examination; and
  • On-the-Job work experience.

The certification programs used in Manila are the same programs used in Alberta and other Canadian provinces to certify hospitality workers. Canadian hotel and restaurant employers are assured of knowledgeable housekeepers and food and beverage servers because the modules and examination standards applied in the Philippines based programs are the same standards and examination used in Canada.

The Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association is responsible for the administration of the emerit certification program for hospitality workers in Alberta. emerit certification is recognized across Canada by the hospitality industry. emerit certification was developed using a competency-based approach, so it assesses a person’s combined knowledge and skills and their ability to demonstrate these in the workplace. This differentiates emerit from many other assessment systems that focus on measuring knowledge and not the application of that knowledge. Candidates who seek the emerit credential must not only have the requisite experience but pass a multiple-choice exam and, in addition, must also demonstrate mastery of the occupation through an On-the-Job work experience evaluation. This approach ensures that candidates awarded the emerit credential have both the theoretical knowledge to perform at a high level, and the practical knowledge employers seek in their employees.

For more information on certification opportunities leading to employment in Canada, you may attend the regular orientation sessions.There is no fee charged to attend our orientation sessions.

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