IELTS Review and Fluency Classes

Did you know?

About 35,000 Filipinos – 70 per cent of them nursing graduates applying for jobs abroad – took the IELTS exam last year to evaluate their English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Out of possible nine points, Filipinos scored an average of 6.69 for the four skills tested.


The Need

Filipinos have been globally competitive not just because of their technical know-how, but their competence in communicating in English. The recent IELTS test results, however, seem unsatisfactory for a country which adopted English as its second language. Does this signify a decline in the English proficiency level of Filipinos? How will this affect Filipinos’ marketability in the global arena?

The Remedy

HRPC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre, Inc. believes that Filipinos can do so much better in the IELTS test. This is the driving force of HRPC Training’s Intensive IELTS Review Program – to provide Filipino test-takers with proper training, adequate motivation and appropriate assessment necessary to surpass the challenges of the IELTS Test.

Our IELTS course specifically focuses on the enhancement of test-taking skills and strategies, customized to suit each student’s needs. With small class sizes, it is therefore assured that personalized training is achieved and individual needs are addressed.

What’s in Store?

With our Intensive IELTS Course, our students reap the following benefits:

  • Free assessment to determine readiness in the IELTS exam
  • Updated and relevant practice materials and diagnostic tests for ongoing evaluation
  • Exclusive HRPC IELTS Module and library facility for practice tests, along with the enhanced ability for self-review
  • Weekday and weekend schedules suitable even for those who are employed
  • Interactive classroom activities and practice sessions to improve students’ performance and increase confidence and motivation
  • Excellent trainers who are IELTS passers and possess strong academic background and impressive work experience
  • Free test application assistance, scheduling and payment processing

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