All about Canada

The World Wants to be Canadian

Whatever your personal and professional priorities may be, Canada offers a world of opportunity that spans every aspect of life. Spectacular natural beauty, inexpensive housing, job opportunities and multiculturalism are just a few of the reasons for migrating to Canada.

Canada Facts

  • With a population of 35 million and a land mass of more than 3.85 million square miles, can is offers an abundance of open spaces.
  • Canada is rich in natural resources including vast supplies of fresh water that include the largest fresh water island in the world.
  • Canadian students compare very well with students in other countries in reading, science and math. Canada consistently ranks as a world leader in education standards and achievement.
  • Detached, standalone, houses are the most common type of property in Canada. Over one-half of Canadian households live in detached houses.
  • Basketball was invented by a Canadian – Dr. James Naismith.
  • All Canadian have free access to health care with the exception of dental services. Canada has an extensive social safety network with old age pensions, family allowances, unemployment insurance and welfare.

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